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We take a personalized approach with all of our clients and offer increased wellness through various activities. Yoga classes are taught outdoors at unique locations, at our home in complete privacy or at the individuals residence. Surf lessons are customized to the needs of each student and our modular learning system allows respective students to progress in a tangible manner. Reiki sessions begin with a cleansing of the healing space, a crystal grid attunement and the use of appropriate techniques to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Our clinical herbalist uses ancient techniques and all natural remedies specifically designed to provide optimal health and prosperity. We help to empower the union of the mind, body and soul with our motto surf, yoga and lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

Luke M.

"Nick was a fantastic instructor--knowledgeable and patient, enthusiastic and calm. I learned a lot during our short lesson and feel much better equipped to get out there and shred. Best price you'll find for the quality."

About Us

Sacred Surf

Surf l Yoga l Lifestyle

Our story began in 2011 on a beach in beautiful San Diego. We met on a hot summer day with the sun blazing and crystal clear water crashing just a few feet away. We shared our stories and realized that we both lived on the same street, less than a mile apart. This made it easy for us to see each other and build the loving relationship that we have today. Over the years we have spent our time together travelling and exploring new countries, attending world renowned music and yoga festivals, and sharing our passion of adventure with friends and family.

Sacred Surf was born after we realized that our current jobs were not fulfilling our souls. We worked long hours day in day out, yet we didn't feel as though our efforts were facilitating services that aligned with our values. Tarin's love for yoga awakened her intuition and she began her spiritual journey by completing her yoga teacher training in 2011. Yoga has allowed her to find inner peace, inspiration and balance. Nick's love for the ocean and passion for adventure lead him to surfing, hiking, biking and all things groovy. He completed his yoga teacher training in August 2016. Together they decided to become Reiki Practicioners.

We decided to fill our lives with the things we love and we structured our business around that concept. Do what you love and love what you do. We combined our love for the ocean, surfing, and yoga into our business and it was the best decision we ever made! 


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